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We founded the Aishwaryam Trust in 2014 and started a small clinic in Mahatma Gandhi Nagar to provide medical care to poor people in the area. We also organized medical camps in nearby villages, but we soon realized that there was a greater need for a home for palliative and pain management care.

In 2015, we started a hospice in a rented building and admitted 20 terminally ill patients. Later in 2016, with the help of retired government employees Janardhanan and Jalaja, we constructed a 50-bedded hospice facility on 27 cents of donated land in Vilachery, Madurai's suburbs, which we named Nethravathi Pain, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Center.

Since then, our hospice has grown into a full-fledged facility that has helped more than 300 abandoned destitute people. We have provided medical care, shelter, and rehabilitation services to people suffering from various illnesses, including those who are terminally ill. Our center has also carried out the cremation of 30 people whose bodies nobody claimed, and we have helped 50 terminally ill people have a peaceful death.

We are proud to say that we are one of the few facilities in the city that rescues and provides care for the destitute and dying from the streets. Our patients are referred by social workers and organizations, and we have helped individuals like 65-year-old Murugaiyan, who was living alone after his wife separated from him and was referred from Villupuram. Most of our residents are orphans and abandoned individuals.

At Nethravathi Pain, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Center, our dedicated team of medical professionals provides round-the-clock care for our patients. We take turns to visit the facility and provide medical care, and a team of staffers is employed to support our efforts. We provide palliative care and pain management for the terminally ill and rehabilitation services for those who suffer from strokes.

Our organization is also committed to providing medical services to a number of old age homes in the city and conducting medical camps in the villages around Madurai.

about us image
about us image

We are grateful to our local and international supporters for their kind donations, which have enabled us to provide food, shelter, and medications to those who are struggling. All the funds we receive go through a rigorous audit process, and our international donations are transparent and in compliance with The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 (FCRA, 2010).

We are deeply humbled by the support we receive, and it is our mission to continue to serve our community and make a positive impact on the world. However, we have a constant fear of running short of funds as we do not have any big CSR funding for the facility. It takes Rs 4 lakh a month to provide all facilities like diapers and medicines for the inmates.

Thank you for visiting our page, and we invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of those in need.