Board Members of Aishwaryam Trust

Dedicated Professionals Committed to Healthcare and Social Welfare

The Aishwaryam Trust is fortunate to have a dedicated and diverse board of trustees with a range of expertise in healthcare and social welfare. Dr. R. Balagurusamy serves as the managing trustee and Dr. R. Amuthanilavan is the financial trustee, responsible for ensuring the organization's financial stability and sustainability. Mr. R. Srinivasan, a trustee and director of TVS Schools, and a trustee of Arogya Welfare Trust, brings his expertise in education and social welfare to the board.

The board also includes medical professionals with specialized expertise. Dr. P. Venkatesh leads the palliation neurological diseases and neuro rehabilitation division, while Dr. S. Sabarimanikandan heads the geriatric welfare division. Dr. S. Srividya Manjunath is in charge of women and children welfare, and Dr. Praburam Niranjan oversees pain management and general palliative care division. Dr. C. Satheesh is responsible for infection and quality control division, ensuring that the organization operates at the highest standards of safety and quality. Together, the board members of the Aishwaryam Trust work tirelessly to serve the underprivileged communities and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.