Social Achievements

For the past 9 years, the Managing Trustee of Aishwaram Trust has been tirelessly rescuing abandoned and critically ill individuals from the streets. They are taken to government hospitals for immediate medical attention and treatment. Once the patients have recovered, the Trust works towards reintegrating them with their families. However, due to various reasons, many individuals end up back on the streets. The Trust has established night shelters and palliative care homes to provide long-term care for those in need.

In Madurai, Aishwaram Trust collaborates with schools, colleges, and community partners to conduct projects that promote mutual learning and sustainable community development in underprivileged communities. These projects involve collaborative research, analysis, and recommendations that often lead to action-oriented programs to address issues such as homelessness, children's needs, and sustainable livelihoods.

Moreover, through its child-centric programs, the Trust has worked with children in need of care and protection, and has made remarkable improvements in their quality of life by coordinating with District Child Protection Units, Child Welfare Committees, Education & Labour Departments, and District administrations.

The Trust acknowledges the successes and challenges it has faced in executing these programs with community participation in Madurai and Erode districts. They hope that these successes can be replicated in other areas that are in need. The Trust extends its sincere gratitude to all supporters, staff members, and volunteers for their continuous involvement and dedication towards their humanitarian programs.