Mission Statement

Our goal at Nethravathi Pain, Palliative Care and Rehabilitation Center is to provide compassionate care and support to destitute individuals, special children, and the terminally ill, regardless of their background, religion, or economic status. We are committed to creating a safe and dignified environment for our patients, and we offer medical care, rehabilitation services, and pain management to those in greatest need.

Our mission is to ensure that every patient is treated with respect, kindness, and the utmost care for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

In addition, we strive to organize free medical camps and raise awareness about blood and organ donation in the suburban areas.

Vision Statement

our vision is to become a leading provider of palliative care, rehabilitation services, and medical support for the destitute and terminally ill in the Madurai region. We are committed to expanding our services and reaching more people in need, by collaborating with social workers, volunteers, and organizations. Our ultimate goal is to create a future where everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has access to quality medical care and support, and where the destitute and terminally ill are treated with dignity and compassion.

In addition to our primary mission, we also seek to raise awareness on environmental sustainability, health, and sanitation among the general public. We believe that education is a fundamental right and therefore we strive to provide quality education to economically disadvantaged children, without discrimination based on caste, creed, place of birth, or religion.